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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

We offer fast virtual servers on our own infrastructure at the best prices in the EU. Price starts at € 2.50 per month!

Take a look at our offer, with or without management, WebGUI, unmeasured data / unlimited bandwidth, backups & any operating system you need. What's included?

v-Server Start

€  2,5 per month
  • 1x KVM processor
  • 2 GB ECC memory
  • 15+15 GB storage

v-Server Go

5,- per month
  • 1x KVM processor
  • 4 GB ECC memory
  • 30+30 GB storage

v-Server Happy

10,- per month
  • 2x KVM processor
  • 8 GB ECC memory
  • 60+60 GB storage

v-Server O.P.

21,- per month
  • 4x KVM processor
  • 16 GB ECC memory
  • 120+120 GB storage

What's included?

  • EASY TO USE - We have integrated VPS management into our customer portal. You can easily manage the virtual server from a web browser, even encrypted access via VNC at the hardware level. The web interface allows you to perform all normal functions and settings, addresses, backups, provides information on server status, transfers, etc.
  • IP ADDRESSES - you automatically have one IPv4 and one IPv6 address, you can order more or more subnets from us at any time (IPv6 is free). The number of IP addresses changes automatically. You can order completely different ranges of IP addresses - these are set manually (you can route them anywhere).
  • FULL ROOT - you have unlimited access at the administrator level (root / administrator), you can even encrypt the VPS at the hardware level (if you install the OS manually from an ISO file). This is ideal for advanced users who want to configure servers the way they want. This includes selecting the operating system.
  • AUTOMATIC BACKUP - our systems automatically perform a binary backup of your VPS storage every week (we do not have access to your data). This allows the virtual server to return to its previous state. In addition to the server, we provide network storage, which you can use in any way.

Cheap, fast and reliable

You can order one-time or permanent management for all servers (dedicated and virtual). If you have any questions Contact us!

Unlimited Web hosting

free web hosting with any service
PHP hosting starts at € 0,73
more than 850 domains
automatic free SSL A+ certificate

Instant VPS hosting

Starts at € 2,50 per month
IPv4 & IPv6 address with each server
unlimited unmetered bandwidth
can run almost any type of OS
automatic backups, WebGUI

Cheap Server hosting

Starts at € 12,25 per month
IPv4 & IPv6 /64 with each server
unlimited unmetered bandwidth
fully customisable to your needs
additional IPv4 ranges at discount


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